We invite local businesses to partner with us by sponsoring our event. Sponsoring involves direct, tax-deductible donations to our cause or alternative donations such as discounts on supplies and silent auction items for our event. Sponsors are divided into five tiers based on their total monetary value of contributions.

Sponsoring gives businesses access to our powerful and expansive marketing platforms with our website, social media, printed material, apparel, and day-of event push channels.

If you represent a local business and have an interest in sponsoring our event, click on the button below to get in contact with us or view more information about sponsoring:

COmmunity tabling

We also invite members of the Willamette community and non-profit organizations in the local area to table at our event.

If you represent an activity, club, or organization at Willamette or you represent a local non-profit, contact us by clicking the button below: